Different Types of Crochet Techniques! Let’s Explore.


Hello readers,

Struggling to identify what type of crochet technique has been used to make that amazing project that caught your eye on Pinterest? Read more to find out ways to identify the individual techniques and methods!

Today I wanted to write about the fact that crochet is not just one type of technique/method. It is astonishing to realise that there are so many different crochet techniques, each with their own unique uses for different projects, and by their appearance alone you can identify the method used. Some items may even appear knitted just by using a different technique! How neat is that?

This is exactly what I have been doing lately: exploring all types of crocheting techniques and trying them out myself, to broaden my knowledge and enjoyment of crocheting just that bit more than I already do.
So let us start and explore the methods:

1. Crocheting via single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet etc.

These are the stitches you learn when learning the basics of crochet. Very often used for making granny squares, blankets, shawls, hats, coasters, pillows etc. The possibilities are endless. This crocheting method is very commonly found and very distinct, you will always know when something is crocheted.

Granny Squares.


2. Crocheting in the round,

Used here are, single crochet, double crochet, decrease and increase. This method is very commonly used to make Amigurumis, a popular way of making plushies, but out of yarn and they are truly an amazing sight to behold! From small plushies that you can use as a key-ring, to big amazing projects like this HUGE unicorn made by One Dog Woof. Surf around and you will find a plethora of amazing art pieces.



3. Corner to Corner crochet

Now this is something really cool!
These blankets or pillow covers (other items too, but these seem most common) are also known as graphghans – a portmanteau of graph and afghan. These are made to have a character, icon, or other image on them – typically in similar vein to pixel art.
The method involves making squares with double crochet (treble) and connecting them, working from one corner to another. This may seem confusing to understand but this series of tutorials by The Crochet Crowd explains it very well. Other methods have been used to make smaller projects, by using a single crochet, double crochet or half double crochet.
This may seem hard, but I’ve tried it and it is just a really time consuming project depending on how large you make it. One needs lots of bobbins (many different little balls of yarn) so they can create the image they want and the end results are astounding!



4. Tunisian crochet, or simple stitch, is used to make pillows, panels for clothing items, smaller things like, hand held cases (think Nintendo DS, Phones, tablets) and many other projects.
This crochet technique can also be used to make small graphghans (that is what I have been up to lately!)
The most amazing thing about this stitch is that it appears knitted! It’s gorgeous and unlike most of the aforementioned techniques, the simple stitch or Tunisian crochet leaves no visible holes in between stitches, it is a solid piece.
This method is a lot simpler than other crochet techniques as you are working on one side only and crocheting back and forth, never turning your work.
There are special crochet hooks available to make this process a lot easier and you will find that most of the time, your normal crochet hook will be too short for this kind of project. So to Amazon, Ebay or your local wool shop, one should look for a Tunisian crochet hook or Afghan crochet hooks.

These are the types of crochet methods I have tried myself and really enjoyed.
My favorite being Tunisian crochet, it is so versatile and I LOVE the fact that it looks so neat and appears to be knitted, of course I also love my amigurumis and this is something I will always love, as there is SO much freedom in what you create.

Surf YouTube for many different tutorials about any of these methods and get learning and creating these beautiful things for yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog and I will be back soon to write more about the wonderful craft of crocheting.



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